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I am entrepreneur and professor at FH JOANNEUM - University of Applied Sciences (Graz, Austria) in the Department of Applied Computer Sciences. On this page I like to collect some thoughts about topics I am interested in.

My actual professional main interests are in business process management (BPM) and business process management systems (BPMS) with a strong technical focus on process execution of cross-enterprise business processes; this also includes multi-agent and actor systems, reactive systems and process calculi, and the subject-oriented business (S-BPM) process approach.

These special interests are embedded in general interests about the topics of digital transformation and productivity improvement with strong focus on complex systems, cybernetics and general management, especially in manufacturing companies.
My personal interest is fine art photography, preferable in black and white. You can find some work on flickr and artlimited.
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S-BPM Illustrated // Structured Communication
See blog post and have a look on our minipage with some background info about these books.
S-BPM // Actor System
Subject-oriented business process management is based one simple concept: work is coordinated through the exchange of messages. This is an application of the actor or agent concept and so – that is the idea – why not using e.g. Erlang as language for implementation?